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Tuesday, 12-Jun-2007 10:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark

ex-id 4th batch on jack big day!!
Rombongan x-utm
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Thursday, 1-Feb-2007 02:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
celebrating 2nd relatrionship ann.

::preparation time!!::
::the balloons and me::
::actually, he kinda takut with the balloons::
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this moment i would say was the best time ever happend in a year of 2006...

since we were planning to create the party for us about 2 months before the actual date..
and we started to buy little-little things such as the party cap, the ballons...

and when the time had come, i have to woke up as early bird just to prepare some dishes for the party...we planned to be at the park by 930 but it dragged until 1100...

and the most tak best parts was, i have to blow up all the 20s ballon by myself since si gemok ni very takut and had a phobia & trauma kat belon2...sampaikan i get myself pissed off..

and we had a little fight sepanjang nak arranged and fixed the balloons around the table..
dahla matahari canteek atas kepala...huhuhuhu!!!

but at last..we satisfied with the party we had through sepanjang TENGAHARI tuh!!
huhu..can u imagine how hot it was...!!

Our party dishes::

::cheese cake
::mushroom soup
::potato salad

::dices of chicken chop

::tortilla bread
::lime juice

and i would like to say that the orange foods were can or instant being used..tq

Thursday, 1-Feb-2007 02:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark

yehaa!! celebrating my tanjoubi!!
watashi no kaibitou desu!! si gemok!
we were in parking lot at this moment!!
Omedetou!! omedetou!!!!
for the new photo page...huhuhu
its been such a long time for me to create this web...

and i made it..!!

just wanna share some of my fav. pics with anybody whom interested.

yosh...!! arigatou!!
ganbatte ne!!


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